Why Are You Crying?

Oh, you’re cutting onions! I don’t blame you. I cry too. By that I mean, my eyes water so bad that I can’t see for about 10 minutes after the cutting is done!!! That is until I learned something about onions. The onion is spraying its little toxins when it gets cut, hence the burning eyes. So, here’s what I do to avoid the tears…I peel off the “paper”, rinse the onion under water, cut off both ends and quickly run everything under the water again. I run it under water after each of the next 2 big cuts and then it’s fine. I haven’t cried in years…at least, not because of an onion;)


3 responses

  1. I heard that it could be because your knives arent sharp enough! It can cause the juices to squirt out more.

    1. It could be. I think I’m just overly sensitive to onions. My husband has no problem with them…can practically rub them in his eyes with no reaction, but I am a mess! LOL!!!

      1. Haha I used to be the same way! It takes some getting used too!

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